SOEB FATEHI, Immediate Past President, (COSMA)

SOEB FATEHI, Immediate Past President, (COSMA)

COSMA always remains closely in touch with all major producers of switchgear and controlgear. This enables members to get easier access to technical i...

COSMA always remains closely in touch with all major producers of switchgear and controlgear. This enables members to get easier access to technical information through special seminars and product presentations organized by these corporations to disseminate knowledge to users.

COSMA gears up and pledges to work to the next level!

COSMA is the apex national association representing the Control Panel and Switchgear Manufacturing Industry of India. COSMA IPP Soeb Fatehi recently shared with Razi Ahsan some thoughts on the future of this industry and the role COSMA desires to play to support members reach their goals.

In his opinion, MSME businesses will have to accelerate their growth by abandoning archaic mind-sets  to embrace change and step outside the boundaries of their complacency. At every opportunity he urges friends in the trade to work toward aligning with global standards for quality of products and pushes them to learn that true competitiveness comes not by cutting corners, but by waging a war on waste. Earlier this year, Soeb has passed the baton to COSMA’s new President Sanjeev Khinnavar, who has served on the board of COSMA for many years already. Soeb tells us that Sanjeev will lead younger members to energize sustainable growth for COSMA.

 COSMA has, over nearly three decades, evolved from a casual “chai pe charcha” meeting of “competitors” at the invitation of founder Satish Kazi (now Chairman Emeritus), into a vibrant organization that works through volunteer time and effort of members to serve their fellowship and knowledge sharing needs. As the organization grew, Satish Kazi was succeeded as President by D.R.Rao and later the reins were handed over to Soeb. Significant contributions by Rohil Mehta and (Late) Horrace Gonsalvez along with so many others helped pave the path for Sanjeev Khinnavar to take up Presidency.

COSMA firmly believes in collaboration and recognizes the leadership provided by IEEMA to the pan interests of all electrical and electronic equipment manufacturers in India. COSMA closely aligns with all IEEMA initiatives, and at the Low Voltage Switchgear Division of IEEMA, Soeb participates actively. COSMA is an active member of the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) since inception of the council by CII in 2001. COSMA encourages members to benefit by actively pursuing training provided by Bombay Management Association. COSMA  remains involved in programs of Indian Merchants’ Chamber and Bombay Industries Association. The Electrical Merchants’ Association and the Electrical Contractors Association of Maharashtra also collaborate with COSMA regularly. Our President Sanjeev Khinnavar is eager to expand opportunities for collaborative working for our members.

COSMA confers three Awards every year. The COSMA RATNA award honors persons who have made an outstanding LIFETIME CONTRIBUTION to support our trade directly or indirectly through their work in their respective organizations. The COSMA GAURAV award recognizes an AMAZING ENTREPRENEUR, from our trade, who shines like a beacon and inspires manufacturers to grow in size and stature. The COSMA SITARA award is presented to individuals who rise from among the ranks in organizations in our trade to positions of leadership within their organizations while serving our members directly or indirectly. The COSMA SITARA award brings to the fore respect for our human capital and institutionalizes our appreciation for diligent hard work.

According to Soeb, in an extremely & increasingly volatile and unpredictable business environment, the key drivers to sustainability will be high agility and flexibility while maintaining extreme discipline and focus on the goals of the organization. Manufacturers have to continually follow new technologies and processes for manufacture, emerging and fast changing demands of customers, rapid upgradation of industry standards and increasing awareness in the market of environmental, health and safety requirements. The answer to this complex puzzle lies in adoption of strong and clear processes while adhering to common shared values and objectives.

Highly dynamic conditions prevail across the world and Soeb says, “the ‘short term’ is over before you can define the ‘medium term’.” Very few Small and Medium businesses plan or make any intellectual property investment for the ‘long term’.

The trade of manufacture of Control Panels in India is slightly wider in scope as compared to elsewhere in the world. This, Soeb says, is because the term ‘Control Panel’ in Indian usage has acquired a much broader meaning to include switchboards, distribution boards, and motor control panels in addition to instrumentation boards, automation panels, relay panels, consoles, and control desks. Furthermore, the Indian scenario has a presence of a combination of specialist players who make only one or two types of listed panels and generalist players who are willing to manufacture any of the types listed. There are more dimensions to this market matrix, Soeb informs us. Some manufacturers undertake full electrical, mechanical and product design responsibility and turn out tailor made products. Others expect the electrical design to be provided by the customer and do the product engineering. The concept of complete system engineering and integration also works on this market. Many large corporations with certified products have appointed franchise operators and in other case they outsource production of their orders to smaller players who have been developed as dedicated vendors.

The role of COSMA is to bring organizations with all diverse business models and technical competencies under one umbrella as fellow manufacturers who have learned through COSMA to co-exist while competing.

COSMA, under President Sanjeev’s leadership has started a renewed focus on learning opportunities for members.  We are informed that Sanjeev has urged all his team members to work toward  organising a series of regular workshops for members to share knowledge on global requirements to conform to contemporary standards. For electrical products the harmonization to global standards is one of India’s national priorities to render our manufacturers globally competitive and relevant. Local electricity supply company rules and National Electrical Codes of all countries are working to closely adopt harmonized standards. Insurance companies demand an ever increasing emphasis on safety assurance.

Members of the trade are encouraged by COSMA to attend monthly technical discussion meetings at COSMA office. These meetings provide an opportunity for members to share their questions on engineering related subjects with eminently qualified peers and invited facilitators. They find during such discussions that they are able to develop better solutions for their customer’s needs.

 COSMA always remains closely in touch with all major producers of switchgear and controlgear. This enables members to get easier access to technical information through special seminars and product presentations organized by these corporations to disseminate knowledge to users.

Our President Sanjeev is dedicated in his efforts that our members find COSMA a provider of learning and wishes to help members to grow. He believes that all COSMA members must endeavour to accomplish the vision of our Chairman Emeritus Satish Kazi to see COSMA members as the most preferred producers of Control Panels and Switchgear.