Yoshiaki Inayama, MD of Toshiba JSW Power System

Yoshiaki Inayama, MD of Toshiba JSW Power System

For thermal power projects, a production schedule is established by TJPS to deliver its turbines and Generators at an appropriate time, based on the s...

For thermal power projects, a production schedule is established by TJPS to deliver its turbines and Generators at an appropriate time, based on the scope of the whole project including engineering & civil work, and building construction.

Outside   Japan, for Toshiba, Toshiba JSW is the only other equipment manufacturing plant for thermal power, how easy or difficult was it to successfully complete the delivery of the first product manufactured in India facility?

In the last century, when Japan too was a growing economy, focus on a steady power supply for industrial, agricultural and home use was of prime importance to ensure growth and sustenance of the economy. Similarly today, being one of the fastest growing economies in the world, India to maintain its current growth rate is poised to face significant increase in energy demand in the next few decades. Realizing its immense potential, Toshiba Corporation identified India as not only a significant market catering to its domestic demand, but also as a strategic manufacturing base and an export hub owing to its strategic location as the gateway to the Middle East and African countries.

With an already long standing relationship with India’s thermal energy landscape, Toshiba further strengthened this bond in 2008, by entering into a joint venture with the renowned  JSW Group to manufacture efficient and technologically advanced Steam turbine and generator sets for Thermal power generation..In support for meeting the energy demand efficiently, Toshiba made investment and brought latest technology long before the Government announcement and initiated its “Make In India” strategy by commencing commercial operations in 2011 to manufacture and market super critical Steam Turbines and Generators for Thermal Power Plants. . This would not have been possible without the support of Indian government and the Tamil Nadu State Government.

In November 2015, when TJPS was preparing for the shipment of the STG, Chennai and its surrounding areas were submerged due to heavy and unprecedented rains which also affected parts of the TJPS factory and pounded the floor thus affecting the ongoing activities requiring rework and retesting once the water receded.

On August 19, 2016, TJPS marked a significant milestone in its Endeavour to offer customers, state-of-the-art power generations solutions with shipment of its first ‘Made-in-India’ Generator. The 800-megawatt steam turbine and generator (STG) for Unit 2 of the Kudgi Super-critical Thermal Power Station in Karnataka state is Toshiba’s first large-scale generation system to be manufactured and assembled with locally procured parts and systems, and tested in India. The shipment weighing over 400 tons was a huge logistics challenge but we could execute it successfully with support from Government Departments. This achievement is an important milestone in the Indian manufacturing sector. We at Toshiba, now can be, and will be the power behind every dream FOR THE NEXT INDIA.

Now that Toshiba JSW has successfully manufactured, tested and delivered the first supercritical STG, do you plan to further reduce the turnaround time by streamlining the manufacturing time for each component? What is your target duration to manufacture and deliver a similar 800MW STG?

For thermal power projects, a production schedule is established by TJPS to deliver its turbines and Generators at an appropriate time, based on the scope of the whole project including engineering & civil work, and building construction.

Toshiba group with its extensive experience in delivering several units of Steam turbine generators in different geographies, the planning and production systems applied to meet schedules is of prima paramount. While applying same systems in our TJPS Chennai works, we could overcome several occurrences of events that impact the schedule and are of firm belief that turnout time for subsequent units would see a significant improvement. .

When is the 800MW STG for Unit 3 of Kudgi plant is expected to be manufactured?

We have already manufactured and shipped the 800MW STG for Unit 3 of Kudgi plant in August, 2016. Currently, we are executing 2 x 660MW Steam Turbine and Generators sets for Meja plant in Uttar Pradesh and 2 x  800MW  Steam Turbine and Generators sets  for Darlipali in Orissa on STG island basis and 1 x 660 MW Harduaganj Thermal Power Project for UPRVUNL on complete turnkey EPC basis.

Very soon, after the successful testing of the manufactured Steam turbines and Generators , we will ship these to the respective locations in meeting our commitment and contribution to  India’s energy sector.

What is your current order book value?

The current order book of various power projects in execution is around USD 1300 million.

 What edge does Toshiba has over its competitors in the Indian energy landscape?

With a pedigree of over 60 years of expertise in power and a strong lineage of association with India, TJPS has already established itself as a dominant player in the Indian Power Sector. TJPS is equipped to enhance the energy efficiency of new and existing thermal power plants. TJPS is also offering a “One Stop Solution” covering EMPCS (Engineering, Manufacturing, Procurement, Construction and Services) by providing Turnkey solutions for establishing the Power Plants and services after commissioning for continued efficient operation, enhancing the life of plant including Renovation and Modernization.

Toshiba has a state-of-art manufacturing facility at Chennai to manufacture Subcritical, Supercritical and Ultra supercritical Turbine and Generator with Unit capacities in the range of 250 MW to 1000 MW. To keep the high quality equipment cost competitive, TJPS is also continuously improving the manufacturing ecosystem for local sourced components by developing and expanding its vendor base in India.  Toshiba has over the years developed itself in India a complete solution provider for servicing power Industry especially in Thermal(coal) power sector We have clear edge over our competitors in technology with optimal costs and skills that enhance efficiency in design, manufacture and performance.

To contribute to the Government’s Skill India campaign, TJPS has already tied up with the local chapters of Industrial Training Institute to impart on-site skill development training.

Government of India is aggressively focusing on the renewable and green energy sources. What will be future of thermal power projects according to you? And how do you intend to maintain & grow your market share?

India’s power sector is one of the most diversified in the world with sources of power ranging from conventional to renewable sources. Today, of the 305.5GW installed capacity, thermal power has the largest contribution at 212.5GW, followed by hydro 42.97 GW, renewable energy 44.24 GW and nuclear 5.8 GW. To cater to the increasing energy demand, the Government’s Twelfth Five Year Plan for 2012 to 2017 aims at boosting generation capacity by 88.5 GW,  of which  80% of the capacity addition is planned from Thermal Power Generation.

With our manufacturing facility in Chennai with an installed capacity of 3000MW that can be expanded up to 6000MW, Toshiba is geared up to contribute to the government’s goal to provide 24×7 electricity for residential, industrial, commercial and agriculture use. We are actively participating and are in the process of positioning ourselves as a significant player in the Thermal Power Sector as a Turnkey EPC contractor and Number 1 EMPCS company in India. We are also ready to execute power projects within the challenging timelines demanded by the IPPs.

In consideration of demand forecast to meet the GDP growth target for next two decades, we believe that even with advent of new and renewable energy, the growth of Thermal sector will continue to be maintaining the lead in Power Generation.  While we appreciate and  support the intent of large focus on renewable energy, we at our end to ensure that cleaner and efficient technologies is necessary such as Ultra super critical and Advance Ultra super Critical technologies for Thermal power.

We have capability and experience to apply & execute such technologies for the growth of industries FOR THE NEXT INDIA.